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Features of Team Foundation Server Event Handler Service

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  • Attach to soap events for Team Foundation Server and execute them for each of the event handlers present on the system. Events supported are listed in bold:
    • AclChangedEvent
    • Branchmovedevent
    • BuildCompletionEvent
    • BuildStatusChangeEvent
    • CheckInEvent
    • CommonStructureChangedEvent
    • DataChangedEvent
    • IdentityChangedEvent
    • IdentityCreatedEvent
    • IdentityDeletedEvent
    • MembershipChangedEvent
    • WorkItemChangedEvent
  • Provide web services with the ability to administer the Team Servers that the service subscribes to notifications from.
  • Provide a web service with the ability to administer the Event Handler classes that are currently enabled on the system.
  • Provide a web service with the ability to add and remove Event Handlers from the system.

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